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We realize for you deep hole drilling on our HTT Deep Hole Drilling machines Shaft parts with a range of Ø 1,2-25 mm, depth up to 1200 mm and Cubical parts with a range of Ø 4-30 mm, depth up to 1000 mm.



Beside Deep Hole Drilling we offer circullary milling operation and thread too.

Machine TypeProcessingDeep Drilling ØDrilling Depth
K6-4-500Rotation-Symmetrically workpieces1,2 - 6 mmUp to 500 mm
K25-4-1200Rotation-Symmetrically workpieces6 - 25 mmUp to 1.200 mm
KBR6-1008Cubical parts, Moulds, etc.4 - 30 mmUp to 1.000 mm